Why you should consider having a winter wedding

Why you should consider having a winter wedding

Why you should consider having a winter wedding 1920 1280 Toni

Here’s 8 great reasons for you to consider having a winter wedding

With the UK in the grips of a heatwave, I sit here mopping my brow, reminiscing of colder days. It seems a good time to talk about winter weddings – and all the reasons why you might go off-piste and embrace a wonderful winter “I Do”. So rather than fighting for dates and venues amidst the height of wedding season, here’s 8 great reasons for you to consider having a winter wedding.


1. You can avoid wedding season madness.

We all know that typically, summer is the season for weddings. Which means you, and probably many of your close friends (and your guests too), are likely to be taking time off work or travelling about on more than one weekend or two, to attend the gorgeous flower-lined colour-filled nuptials of all your friends’ special days.

So how can you ensure your wedding stands out from the rest? Why not break the mould and avoid “wedding season” all together. An off-season ceremony will give your friends and family a wonderful reason to come together to celebrate your special day, even if it is a bit chilly out.

2. There’s excitement ahead, once Christmas is past.

January, February and March might not be the most conventional months to say “I Do”, but why not take you and your guests from bleak mid-winter gloom to a magical winter wonderland. And really, what better way to start the New Year than as Mr and Mrs!

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3. A winter wedding could see your budget stretch further.

Because the winter season is usually not as popular for weddings, you’ll likely find you’ve got more flexibility when it comes to your wedding planning. From wedding dates and venue availability, to booking guest accommodation, and hiring wedding cars, you’ll typically find there are savings to be made and deals to be had. You might even find that your dream wedding photographer just so happens to have your weekend free (rather than having to book 3 years in advance)!


4. Have the romantic, intimate wedding you said you’d love.

So there’s those that have 300 plus friends and family and spend hours making small talk and being introduced to 3rd and 4th cousins twice removed. But if that’s not you – and we don’t blame you! – and you’re planning a small wedding with just 30 (ok, 50 max… ) of your nearest and dearest, then a cosy, winter wedding is the perfect atmosphere for a smaller wedding. Think about how you’d like the vibe to be on your special day, and look for venues that can help you to create an intimate feel. You want the atmosphere to feel like you’ve got just the right amount of guests in the room. Plus, did we mention the hot chocolate station? It’s a winter wedding season must that’s bang on trend at the moment.


5. You won’t be sweating off your makeup.

Ok, sipping mimosas and shimmying along to Ed Sheeran with your maids is hardly tough, and it might just be a perk of the day (apart from marrying your true love, of course).

But if you’re unlucky enough to be one of the few who, after sitting in the director’s chair for the better part of your wedding morning, has the rather expensive but magical illuminator literally melt right off your face under the harsh heat of the sun – then honestly, we’d be crying right along with you! When you have a winter wedding, the chances of your wedding makeup running streams down into your dress is not quite so panic-inducing. And another bonus, you won’t feel the need to change into an evening outfit, which means you’ve got more time to feel the Belle of the Ball and enjoy your magical moment in your princess ivory gown.


6. Regal royal colours make a stunning winter wedding colour palette

Forget the pale pastels and blush pinks, winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to go royal with a stunning, deep colour palette. For an easy “go to” mix of wedding colour ideas, opt for cool colours like navy blues, rich burgundies, and forest greens and mix with eclectic metallic accents in gold and silver for a theme that will look every bit the polished affair you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, a little velvet used sparingly can look totally lush!


7. Oak wedding barns look the prettiest under twinkly lights.

Fairy lights are totally “in” at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why! Rustic wedding barns look the prettiest under twinkly lights, especially as the sun goes down early and the candles start to flicker about, adding another layer of “intimate charm” to your romantic setting. So if you’re embracing the winter season for your wedding, think about your ideal venue as well (you want the venue to complement your theme). That way, your guests are in the winter mood from the moment they step on the property. For a winter wedding, opt for natural, seasonal details to showcase warmth. Look for venues that have ample space indoors without feeling too dark or crowded. You’ll want the space to be light and airy, and with plenty of thick oak beams so that you can dress up your surroundings with lots of drapery, foliage and flower installations. Choose one that has elements in place that fit with the look you want, such as hardwood floors, rock work or a fireplace. Then layer in fairy lights and candles to personalise.

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8. Honeymoon in the sun.

If you’re planning a honeymoon straight after your winter wedding, then pack your bikinis and get ready to say yes to 5 star luxury because holidaying in the off-season might just make your money stretch! If the hope of a white wedding is on your dream list, then it might be time to throw caution to tradition and embrace a winter wedding date for your impending nuptials. Who could forget a “do” that forever conjures seasonal memories of magical winter wonderlands, and fun-filled snow days.


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