Wedding Trends for 2014 – How Did They Rate?

Wedding Trends for 2014 – How Did They Rate?

Wedding Trends for 2014 – How Did They Rate? 1440 583 Sally

However you want to personalise your wedding, it makes sense to take a look at some of the latest wedding trends. Choosing your favourite elements from these will ensure that your wedding ceremony and reception feels bang up to date with the guests, and provides some memorable photo opportunities.

When you’re looking at current trends for weddings, it’s all about the colours, the decor, the themes, the gown design and the modern twists on age-old traditions. You can find out what’s buzzing in the world of weddings by looking through bridal magazines, reading online blogs such as this, and having a glance at the preferences and ideas used by the rich and famous. But make sure you only pick the trends that you fall in love with, especially if you go for something avant garde, or else in future you might find yourself looking through the albums wondering what you were thinking!


What colour will ring the wedding bells in 2014?

Have you considered having your bridesmaids in blue? More and more brides are choosing blue for their accent colour in 2014, which makes for a more contemporary feel than the usual pastel and rose shades we’re used to. Cooler blue shades will look perfect for a spring wedding as you can see in these up-to-the-minute examples. 2014 Spring Wedding Colors & Trends Alternatively, for a softer or warmer blue range, check out these statement ideas for dressing your bridesmaids in style, Chic New Donna Morgan Bridesmaids Dresses For Spring 2014.


2014 – the year of the lace wedding gown

For a sensual and romantic idea for this year, why not have the bride and bridesmaids, as well as the mother of the bride all wearing lace? It can make a striking impact as well as a very feminine alternative to bolder satins and silks. You don’t need to have the whole dress in lace, but touches here and there will give the idea of a very contemporary design, perfect in photos set against the backdrop of our Tower Hill Barns venue. Top 7 Lace Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring Wedding 2014.


The 2014 Boho Wedding

If you’re looking for something a little eclectic with a range of natural elements and a carefree appeal, consider the Boho wedding theme. It’s a way of bringing the outdoors inside, and allowing yourself to let your hair down in a beautifully relaxed and organic fashion. Take a look at our blog post on Boho weddings for all the details you need.


The 2014 Vintage Wedding

Looking for something very traditional that harks back to the days when your Grandparents were tying the knot? Then consider a vintage wedding. We have a blog article especially for you if this is something you’d like to achieve for your special day. Remember that vintage wedding gowns can be found in specialist shops if you don’t happen to have a family heirloom in the attic. Alternatively you can go for a contemporary take on the Vintage look such as Suzanne Neville 2014 Vintage Rose collection.


Food, fit for a 2014 wedding banquet

In weddings, as in every other walk of life, the current appetite is for food that is fresh, locally sourced, beautifully cooked and seasonal. Dishes that are healthy and wholesome are likely to hit the spot every time, but particularly at the moment where everyone’s becoming more aware of good ecological and culinary health choices. So make sure your wedding reception provides guests with a hearty meal that shows them you care about quality and taste.

At Tower Hill Barns, we offer an inspiring venue with the best of both indoor and outdoor worlds, a range of fabulous dishes that your guests will love, and the flexibility to work around the latest trends in wedding ceremonies and receptions. If you want to discuss your needs in more depth just contact us for a chat. We’re here ready to accommodate your wishes and bring your special day to life in our stunning barn setting. Our friendly staff are always up for a challenge, and our beautiful location in the heart of Wales can’t be beaten for ambience. It’s just the place to hold your ceremony and reception when you want to bring everything in your wedding right up to date.