Wedding music: Tunes to choose and not to choose

Wedding music: Tunes to choose and not to choose

Wedding music: Tunes to choose and not to choose 5760 3840 Sally

One of the most popular questions wedding planners get asked is what wedding music to have. After all, get the right balance and you’ll naturally bring guests from different walks of life together and give them a vivid and lasting memory of your special day that’s also a statement of your personality and passions as a couple.

Here at Tower Hill Barns we’re very used to accommodating the whole spectrum of wedding playlists and treasured tracks. So whether you’re considering a traditional feel, something upbeat or even some more avant-garde music you reckon will make your day, we’ll help you pitch things perfectly.

At Tower Hill Barns we know how important it is to create the right musical backdrop to your day. What’s more, we have just completed the final phase of our audio upgrade, and we are now able to provide four fully interconnected music zones.

Powered by the latest Bose amplifiers and speakers, you can now play and control your playlists throughout the venue (the “old barn”, “the bar”, “the dining barn” and the “terrace”) to ensure you can keep create your very own unique atmosphere, and ultimately keep your guests entertained throughout your day.

In addition, you (or your DJ) can connect your own IPod, laptop etc. straight into this sound system. During your day, you and your DJ have full access to our ‘DJ pulpit.’

It’s an authentic wooden pulpit on the outside, but hidden inside are all the inputs and sockets you’ll need to connect your own laptop, iPod or IPad to our Bose sound system. This gives you ultimate flexibility to ensure all your tunes can be clearly heard throughout the four zones.

If you are currently planning your wedding at Tower Hill Barns, we strongly recommend that you speak to your DJ before your day to request them to do this as it really makes a huge difference to the whole experience (if you are in any doubt we’ll demonstrate it for you!).


Wedding reception music – the easy bit!

Looking at your wedding day as a whole, you’ll probably decide the music for the reception isn’t the problem. By then people tend to be more relaxed and chilled, maybe even up for a session of dad dancing.

Chances are the drinks will be flowing and with all the hard work done everyone will be in the mood for a relaxed evening. You probably have a fair idea of the music you like and don’t and you may even have a favourite song that you’d like for your first dance as a married couple.

However, its well worth having a good think about some of the other key parts of your day as getting the musical backdrop to these will really help to create your memories of the day. To help you, we’ve highlighted a few of these below and sum tips to help keep things flowing….


Wedding Ceremony Entrance Music

Traditionally tried and tested favourites to accompany the bride’s walk down the aisle include Pachabel’s Canon, Henry Purcell’s Trumpet Voluntary, and the ever popular ‘Here comes the Bride.’

A quick YouTube or Spotify search will give you a good idea what these sound like if you don’t recognise the titles. More recent classics might include Aerosmith’s ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’ or the Ellie Golding song ‘OOOOO whatever’ You could give older songs an updated twist by booking a musician such as a guitarist or harpist to play an instrumental version live.

At Tower Hill Barns, our clear favourite of the last year was Darth Vader’s march! (Or whatever it’s called? check it out?).


Signing the Register

During the signing of the register, guests often want to take photographs or chat quietly to those around, so some ambient pre-recorded music would work really well. Be prepared for it to go on longer than expected.

Having someone ready to fade the music sensitively when the signing is over will avoid an abrupt finish or an awkward silence. If you use live musicians, talk to them about how they’ll know when to stop and what to do if there’s a delay.


Leaving the ceremony as a married couple

At Tower Hill Barns, we think this is one of the most important, but often overlooked musical parts of the day. As you both walk out to start your new life together you can choose a statement song or musical theme that really helps to link the formal parts of the day to the less formal reception drinks.

We predict Pharrell William’s “Happy” is likely to continue to be a popular song for happy couples leaving the ceremony as it puts everyone in a great frame of mind. But if you’re a fan of the Smiths and you prefer ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’ that’s your call.

What about us? Well, we’re into our dance music and chose the original version of  DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter’s ‘so much love to give’….

Whatever music you choose for your wedding, let it suit you and don’t let it become a headache to sort out. Choose wisely, but at the end of the day your wedding day is going to be one to remember!