Innovative and original wedding favours for your wedding barn guests

Innovative and original wedding favours for your wedding barn guests

Innovative and original wedding favours for your wedding barn guests 1440 583 Sally

Have ‘wedding favours’ made it onto your ‘to do’ list in preparation for the big day? At Tower Hill Barns, we like to encourage every bride and groom to be as adventurous and creative as they like in personalising their events.  Many couples choose to present those attending with a special little token to take home, to thank them for coming and to help the marriage celebrations spill over for just a little longer.  Traditionally, a small bag of sugared almonds does the trick, perhaps with a note of thanks from the newly weds. If that traditional option is your preference then don’t feel you have to be flamboyant or avant garde on our account! A tiny voile bag with a narrow ribbon in the statement colour of the bridesmaids, together with a printed or handwritten message, is a classy but understated way to put your own subtle slant on an old favourite.


Alternatives to sugared almond wedding favours

If you’re looking for a more unusual alternative to sugared almond wedding favours, read on as we’ve come up with a few suggestions to inspire you. The good news is that wedding favours don’t have to be time consuming to organise or prepare. Several specialist companies offer small attractive keepsakes or fun novelty objects designed for the purpose, giving you a ready-made solution that your guests will remember. What about a tiny replica champagne bottle filled with bubbles to blow when you pop the cork! Or perhaps a specially printed box containing a single wrapped chocolate commemorating the occasion.


Wedding cookies, or miniature replica wedding cakes for your guests

You might prefer to go for the highly versatile and updated idea of the wedding cookie. These could be shaped and decorated in ways that depict a special theme that’s carried through the wedding, perhaps jazz instruments or in the colours sported by the couple’s favourite team. You could opt for something more generic, such as ‘his and hers’ cookies cut with bride and groom shaped cutters, or in 3 sizes of heart threaded together with ribbon and finished with a simple bow.

Some bakers even provide edible photographs from a print of your choosing, so you could create little picture frame wedding cookies showing the faces of the couple in the earlier stages of their relationship. If you do decide to go with a commercial baker for this, make sure you contact them well in advance and request samples so that you can be certain of what you’re ordering, and allow enough time to receive the finished batch ahead of the day.

Another simple edible option for wedding favours is to present a slice of cake in a box with a message pre-printed on the top in silver writing. For a lower budget and more personal version of this classic idea, why not use a silver marker pen and handwrite the first names of the couple and the memorable date on the lid. As an alternative to a slice of the real thing, some bakers offer miniature wedding cakes, iced to look like the full sized version. If your budget extends to this, it would certainly be a show stopper! Lacing the tiny iced fruitcakes with whisky or brandy will not only give an additional kick, it will also help preserve the cakes for longer.


Locally made crafts, souvenirs and momentos as wedding favours

Having chosen a stunning location such as North Wales for your venue, why not consider providing wedding favours that are reminiscent of the area. For example, the Tower Hill Barns venue is only a short distance away from major landmarks such as the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct (the longest and highest in Britain) or the Llangollen Railway. Small souvenirs or favours created in iconic designs could tie in well. Locally made miniature drinks or preserves from Llangollen could also be an option.

Finally, if you’re looking for lower budget ideas that will still impress your guests, how about asking someone in the family who excels at jam making to do it for you. Even recycled pots packaged or labelled with class and style would make a longer lasting momento of the day that doesn’t cost the earth. Similarly, you could choose low cost items that are designed to be admired and kept rather than eaten. A stylish candle adorned with a ribbon would be useful as well as simple and inexpensive to create. Just remember that any tiny touches you can offer that remind your guests of your personality and flair will add value to your wedding favours beyond anything money can buy.