A Vodka-charged Fruity, ‘Pretty In Pink’ Spring Cocktail

A Vodka-charged Fruity, ‘Pretty In Pink’ Spring Cocktail

A Vodka-charged Fruity, ‘Pretty In Pink’ Spring Cocktail 4928 3264 Sally

What better way to welcome in the springtime than with an effervescent, refreshing beverage? When the temperatures start warming up, the days linger a little longer, and those sun-kissed evenings light the way forward…I love a good cocktail.

Come springtime, it’s time to embrace a spring-inspired libation, and I do really enjoy greeting our wedding parties here at Tower Hill Barns with the finest this season has to offer.

Whether it’s a welcome drink, a celebratory “we just got married!” drink or an afternoon thirst quencher; a good tipple is always a crowd pleaser. I’m a firm believer that donning your wedding best deserves a worthy tipple.

And half the fun of a wedding is the chance to let your hair down and enjoy a boogie; if you ask me, all that dancing makes for thirsty work.

I do like a celebratory beverage myself. This season I’ve been enjoying a lot of cider. I find it really refreshing and great in the afternoon when you’re not quite ready to hit the bar. At the moment we stock a crisp golden cider by the award-winning Welsh cider company, Gwynt Y Ddraig. It’s a medium farmhouse cider made traditionally with fresh-pressed fruit. Poured over lots of ice, it’s fresh and a bit crisp with a lovely apple aroma – that’s the perfect refreshment.

I also love a good fruity cocktail (and I know I’m not the only one!). Either vodka or gin based, fruit blends and colourful mixers are always crowd pleasers. Our ‘pretty-in-pink’ vodka cocktail is popular because it’s light and refreshing and completely versatile.

Or keep it traditional with Grey Goose and an effervescent sparkling water, or go with something like our limited-edition summer watermelon flavoured Cîroc vodka and a fruity sparkling water like apple and raspberry for something that’ll satisfy those guests partial to something sweet. Either way, they’re perfect springtime wedding day cocktails and a delightful way to cool down.

A refreshing Pretty-in-Pink Spring Vodka Cocktail Tower Hill Barns

A Vodka-charged Fruity, 'Pretty In Pink' Spring Cocktail

Toast the happy couple with this refreshing springtime sipper! Bar manager Jordan shares a springtime classic–a vodka-charged ‘pretty in pink’ fruity spring cocktail.

Get The Recipe
>>> A Fruity, Pretty-in-Pink Spring Vodka Cocktail

Toast the happy couple with this refreshing springtime cocktail.

To Make:

  1. Choose your cocktail glass of choice. I like an old fashioned style glass, like a short tumbler. But you could go for a high ball tall glass too!
  2. Fill with a few cubes of ice
  3. Pour in your measure of limited edition Ciroc Summer Watermelon Vodka (or any flavoured Vodka of your preference).
  4. Top with sparkling water of your choice
  5. Garnish with a few good wedges of watermelon slices, and a sprig or two of mint.

Bar manager Jordan shares a springtime classic vodka cocktail

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Nothing says spring better than a rosy coloured cocktail, and this springtime sipper is an unassuming, delicate and fruity cocktail that packs a punch. Served in individual cocktail glasses it’s perfect for your bridal party, whilst also simple enough to fix up for a crowd with our custom cocktail bar table.

What’s your springtime tipple of choice? Email me, or click here, to find out more about our custom gin and cocktail bars, and how we can create a signature wedding cocktail.

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