10 “Must Do” Shots For Your Wedding Photos

10 “Must Do” Shots For Your Wedding Photos

10 “Must Do” Shots For Your Wedding Photos 5632 3755 Sally

It’s a feeling repeated by almost all those in the know; your wedding day goes so fast! So if you’ve not yet made it down the aisle, then of course you’re excited about getting some stunning shots to capture the memories of your special day. It’s only natural that of course you’ll want to relive the moments.

And because photos are forever, it’s important to get them right! 

If you haven’t yet thought about the kind of photos you want, now’s the time! And if you need a little help to understand how to get the most from the opportunity, then you’ll want to read our guide here too.

No doubt you’ll want a mix of different styles, locations, and people, with some candid shots and fun shots as well as the traditional posed bridal party portraits. And it might also be your style to have a photographer capturing the preparations before the big moment too?

Maybe you want them all? That’s a lot to get done in the small amount of time between saying “I Do” and “Let’s Get the Party Started”! #challengeaccepted

So how do you make it happen? And is it possible to get all of your preferred shots in one session, from a single venue, without having to go off-site, and maybe even do it all with a cocktail in hand?




Well we might be biased, but we think it is! But don’t just take our word for it. You only need to spend a few moments scrolling the #THBwedding and #TowerHillBarns tags on Instagram to see that many of our past couples and their photographers think so too!

With fairy lights and candles literally everywhere giving off a laid-back luxury vibe, we’ve more than a few totally Instagram-worthy spaces and one-of-a-kind locations onsite. Which means rain, hail, or shine, the perfect photo opportunity is never far away.

So if you and your photographer are keen to get “the one”, then check out this selection of some of our favourite on-site lush photo locations here at Tower Hill Barns. From wildflower meadows to our historic old railway bridge, you’ll find the perfect built-in backdrop for your wedding photos. So be sure to bookmark it, keep it handy, and of course, share with your photographer! 

Our 10 Favourite On-Site Photo Spots

Plus a few extras thrown in, because really why limit yourself.

>> The Classics

Our stunning bride Ellie on the stairs of the Old Barn here at Tower Hill Barns, photography by Joe Bickerton

  • Picturesque views on top of the historic Old Railway Bridge
A gorgeous photo by Love Luella of Liam & Swyn on top of the Old Railway Bridge here at Tower Hill Barns


You can't have your wedding photos and not get this fun shot of the bridal party underneath the Old Railway Bridge here at Tower Hill Barns in North Wales, taken by Claire Penn Photography


  • Walking in the wildflower meadow to the front of the terrace
Our 10 Favourite Photo Spots at Tower Hill Barns


  • Strolling the pathway beneath the string lights
A boho floral wedding couple strolling the walkway underneath our string lights here at Tower Hill Barns with Claire Penn Photography


The boho wedding of Alex and Jake in the bridal suite at Tower Hill Barns, photographed by The McHendrys


  • A dark and moody shot in the Outdoor Bar & fire pit chill out area with cool lighting
Be sure to get this photo for your wedding photos, under the fairy lights in our outdoor bar at Tower Hill Barns


  • The outdoor evening sparkler shot
The wedding of Rach and Rich and this classic sparkler shot was featured in Brides Up North


  • The stunning first dance shot

The romantic first dance photo in the Old Barn at Tower Hill Barns

  • Silhouetted in the entryway in the alcove of the foyer
Our 10 Favourite Wedding Photo Spots: silhouetted in the entryway in the alcove of the foyer with Willo Photography



>>> The Fun Alternatives

Our 10 Favourite Wedding Photo spots around the grounds of Tower Hill Barns in North Wales


  • Fun times & garden games
Our 10 Favourite Photo Spots at Tower Hill Barns: Fun times & garden games


  • The boys being boys
The boys being boys; an iconic photo in the Tower Hill Barns bar


  • Probably the most ‘of-the-moment’ shot of the season; Smoke-bombs
Probably the most ‘of-the-moment’ shot of the season; Smokebombs photography by Stacey Oliver Photography


  • The romantic cutting of the cake shot
The romantic cutting of the cake shot, Stacey Oliver Photography





Our unique setting means you’ll never be short of a photo worthy opportunity, and be it underneath our historic old Railway Bridge during your outdoor ceremony, or a quick snap taken inside the bridal prep room before you set course for the aisle, we really do have the perfect backdrop for all your wedding photos. 

Although no matter the location, nor the weather, nor the lighting, we know you’ll treasure your photos for years to come regardless of how it was styled or where you were standing. Most of all, we know that each time you look at your wedding photos, you will be filled with happy memories of your special day, and they will forever be a symbol of the love and life you share together happily ever after. 



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