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Get The Wedding Photos You’ll Love Forever

Let’s get snap happy: here’s how to capture the magic moments from your special day to get wedding photos you’ll love forever!   If the idea of smiling on demand into a camera and being told a thousand times to say “cheese” has you filled with dread, we don’t blame you.  For many couples the…

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Turning wedding superstitions into Lady Luck

Superstitions be gone, your wedding day is your lucky day! Would you get married on Friday the 13th? Even the most casual and chilled couples think twice about the ‘unluckiest day in the calendar’! Have you ever caught a bride’s tossed bouquet and wondered if you’d really be the next to walk down the aisle? Or wondered why…

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How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your engagement! You must be so excited about your impending nuptials, and if you’re reading this, you may be at that point of wanting to dive into planning your special day! So we hope you’ve got your decision-making hats on, because planning your wedding day is a journey that involves loads of discussion,…

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How To Choose Your Winter Wedding Florals

Planning on a wonderful winter setting to say ‘I Do’? You won’t go wrong! A white snowy day can give you that wonderful touch of magic you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding. Or a cosy heated barn on a cold winter’s day can make your wedding truly intimate and heart-warming. If you’re starting to…

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Our Guide To Planning For The Cost of Your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement!  That feeling of mutual commitment with the one you love, who’s now your ‘fiancé’ – yay! – is the most heady and divine feeling. Often we see couples overlook the beauty and significance of their engagement period as they dive headlong into full blown wedding planning bridezilla mode. So do take some time…

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6 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas For AW18/19

Whether you just got engaged or you’re already deep in the throes of planning your wedding, congratulations, you’re no doubt in the middle of one of the most exciting times of your life! Exciting, but when faced with the endless decisions from table linens to bridesmaids shoes and even what time to serve supper, we…

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How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months Or Less

It’s a common myth portrayed by stressed brides and well meaning (but perhaps overbearing) mother-in-laws that you need at least a year to plan your wedding. So let us be the first to say it here: you don’t! Planning a wedding in three months (or less) is entirely possible. Believe us, we’ve seen it done,…

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Why you should consider having a winter wedding

Here’s 8 great reasons for you to consider having a winter wedding nbsp; With the UK in the grips of a heatwave, I sit here mopping my brow, reminiscing of colder days. It seems a good time to talk about winter weddings – and all the reasons why you might go off-piste and embrace a…

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Spring Weddings at Tower Hill Barns

Spring weddings at Tower Hill Barns are something you need to experience for yourself. Our grounds are beginning to come into their own, and the outdoor team are on the case. They’re busy planting, pruning and preparing for the spring/summer wedding season, enhancing all those stunning outside photo opportunities that our guests are so looking…

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Wedding music: Tunes to choose and not to choose

One of the most popular questions wedding planners get asked is what wedding music to have. After all, get the right balance and you’ll naturally bring guests from different walks of life together and give them a vivid and lasting memory of your special day that’s also a statement of your personality and passions as…

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The answer to every bride’s dreams? Meet the professional bridesmaid!

Here at Tower Hill Barns we’re used to being surprised by innovative wedding ideas. It’s very normal round here to find couples choosing to design their own unique marriage ceremonies, donning imaginative wedding clothes, turning up in ingenious transportation, and inventing all manner of other clever personal twists to make their wedding day one that’s…

Fairytale ending for quick thinking Tower Hill bridesmaids
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Fairytale ending for quick thinking Tower Hill bridesmaids

Here’s a Tower Hill Barns wedding story with a happy ending that has made the national headlines this week. It’s all down to newlyweds Dave and Bethany Mouatt and their unstoppable bridal party who were forced to hitchhike their way to our North Wales venue. (By the way, if you’re currently in the middle of…

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